Friday, November 15, 2019

chest light!

I like night-riding. The ordinary light on the machine is not good enough and also I do not want to use battery for light from the machine!

So I use 1 external light 2000 lumens in front and another one at the chest(!)

if you have the light on your helmet it will follow where you are looking, which is both good and bad!

if the light is on the chest, I think it is actually better, as you always ride forward in the forest, bur sometimes look to the side or up 

it also means that you can actually look at people and your mountainbike friend with hurting their eyes!

this mod is based on a harness for GoPro. I just added the holder for my MagicShine light.

The cable is extended so the batterypack is in my backpack.

the GoPro can easily be added or taken off. 

the extra lamp and the battery is integrated to the "knee control cushion"

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Trail Tyre on the Monster etc..

I have changed to trail tyres on all my old forest wheels (MSUper2 and 3) but stayed with the original Monster tyre until now. 

The Monster tyre is not bad ...but not optimal for where I like to ride ...on gravel road and forest paths...

the difference between the tyres is not ENORMOUS, but the classic "golden boy" pattern is well known in Trail riding to be very efficient!

so here are some images on the little tyre changing project.

in fact I also did the following :
  • washers on bolts and screws
  • threadlock blue on screws and bolts
  • heat insulation on connections
  • silicon sealing the wheel axle (a lot of dirt can enter this way!)
  • sealing top corner openings
  • silicon sealing the cover
  • silcon sealing between the shell-halfs (above the tyre)
  • all screws changed to torx
  • cut the outer parts of the shell to get more space for a tyre full of mud and dirt etc...
  • ...

oh my god the difference!!!

I have trail-tyre on my MSuper2 and 3 but I have been ”lazy” on changing on my Monster, until now...

first ride today with the new ”golden Boy” pattern Trail-tyre in the forest .. lots of leaves and mud

I had to stop and just laugh and scream of joy... the ”Golden Boy” pattern on a Monster means carving traction all until the pedals touch the ground

so If you like to ride on gravel roads or in the forest: CHANGE TYRE !!! will ENJOY the difference 🙂

the original tyre is not bad, but this one is sooo much better!